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Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas Gangs and Las Vegas Hoods

Check out the Las Vegas gangs and the Las Vegas hoods of Sin City, in the Las Vegas ghetto of the West Side and North Town areas. Not Created by TheRealStreetz.com

The West Side is in the heart of the Las Vegas ghetto and mostly consists of Bloods and Crips that are within areas like Valley View, Regal Estates (States), Crip City, Burgundy Square, Vegas Heights, 40 Block, Delmontico, and many more.

The West Side Las Vegas hoods biggest areas were the projects like Marble Manor known as the Coast or the Jetz in Sherman Gardens, along with the old projects of Herbert Gerson Park once home to the Gerson Park Kingsmen and Madison Terrace.

The Las Vegas gangs and hoods of North Town has areas like 004 Hoods or Hoodsmen, the Rose Gardens, White Street, DSV of Diana Street, and the notorious Donna Blocc.

*Not Created by TheRealStreetz.com

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