Map of Cincinnati, OH Hoods

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Map of Cincinnati Hoods

The city of Cincinnati, known as the “Nasty Nati” or Cin City has some of the realest hoods in the state of Ohio, while at the bottom of the Midwest state.

Gangs in Cincinnati do not play a big factor, if any, in the streets of Cincy like other cities of Ohio or around the country, as most are only affiliated with their Cincinnati hoods.


Cincinnati hoods and not Cincinnati gangs are Crack Hill (Price Hill), blocks around Queen City, 1-9 and 2-4 blocks of Harrison in Westwood, Da Mac aka McHenry of Westwood, the Fay apartments in the Westwood area, Cumminsville, and Lava World (the Millvale Projects and Moosewood) of Beekman Street, all that make up the majority of the West Side.

Moving north into the city there is Cincinnati hoods of Mt. Airy and the apartment complexes around Colerain and North Bend Road, College Hills, Winton Terrace and the Brick City section, CrankTown aka Skyline of Mt Healthy, Finney Town, Lockland around Wyoming Avenue, and Zone 15 aka Lincoln Heights, all making up the most of the Cincinnati ghetto and hood of the North Side.

The Downtown area and inner city of the Cincinnati ghetto is with the Tot Lot / Liberty Linn, LC (Lincoln Courts), Park Town, Hillside, Corryville, Mt Auburn, Vine City, Down Tha Way, E Town, A1 Avondale, and more.

Other Cincinnati hoods of the city are Bond Hill and Rose Ville / Roselawn off of Reading Street, K Heights, Mad Ville, and other small hoods of the city.


*Not an Cincinnati Gangs Map.  Some areas might be missing or wrong.
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