Map of Savannah, GA

Savannah GA Hoods Map

A map and short video of some of the Savannah GA hoods in one of Georgia’s most respected cities, the Sav or the C-Port home to the late rapper and legend Camoflauge and a small Georgia city that has much history.

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Check out the legendary Savannah GA hoods of the past like the old Fellwood Homes, HVP (Hitch Village), and the old Garden Homes, as well as the blocks of West Savannah, the TVP (Tatemville), Blackshear, the Frazier and Kayton projects, and much more.

This map of the Savannah GA hoods has most of the areas and might be missing some or have some wrong, the map does not show any specific Savannah GA gangs, just the hoods, where some of the Savannah gangs might be at.

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*Some areas might be left out or not correct. Make sure to leave a comment.