Map of Mobile AL Hoods

Maps of Mobile AL Hoods

Map of the different Mobile AL hoods in one of the Alabama’s largest cities, has much history in its communities. This map which also includes the Prichard AL hoods, shows the streets and different hoods of Mobile, with most being in the heart of the city.

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Mobile Alabama hoods include areas south of Government Street like Down Tha Bay, B-MO (Baltimore Projects), Maysville, RV (RV Taylor), Birdsville Projectz, DIP (Dauphin Island Parkway), and Navco.

The other side of the city has Crichton / C.P.T, The Bottom and the Campground, the infamous Orange Grove, the Dub / Roger Willams, Toulminville, Trinity Gardens and the home of the First Avenue / First Ward, and West Mobile.

In the city of Prichard, north of Mobile in Mobile County, there is P. Rosa, Eight Mile, Snug, Lil Ward, GCP, Alabama Village, A.C., Bessemer Projects, First Ave, Cross The Track, and more.


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