Map of Milwaukee, WI Hoods

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Milwaukee Hoods Map

(Not Milwaukee Gangs Map)

The Milwaukee hoods map, together with a map of a few of Milwaukee gangs that shows the real streets of the Mil Town as well as few Milwaukee gangs area.


The Midtown section of Milwaukee has hoods¬†like Merrill Park, Park View, Cherry Street, Ghost Town, Tray’s and other parts.

Milwaukee hoods of the North Side in areas off of Silver Springs of 91, 76, Westlawn, Havenswood, Berryland, and Mill Road. Da HAMP, from blocks like 19th to 42nd, with areas like Stark Town and Northlawn. Other Milwaukee North Side hoods are the legendary Burleigh or Burleigh Zoo, Uptown and 4 Block.

The East Side has for the last few years been gentrifying and is not the same as the old days with people moving out into other sections of Milwaukee.

The South Side is Milwaukee Latino community with Mexicans and Puerto Ricans that is between West National and West Morgan Avenue and has been around for generations.


This map just shows some of the many of the Milwaukee hoods, leave a comment for any areas that are not on the map or not correct.

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