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Nashville, TN

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Map of the Nashville Hood

The Nashville hoods map, which is in a city that is often known as Cashville, shows some of the areas of Nashville gangs but mostly consists showing all of the Nashville hood of the North Side, West Side, East Side, and South Side of the city.

The North Side of Nashville includes areas like Bordeaux, Haynes Manor, Kings Lane, Trinity Hills, Dodge City apartments, Salem Town, Parkwood, and Golden Valley with some having Nashville gangs within the community.

The East Side is known for the Nashville hoods of the James Casey Homes, which is home to South 8 and other blocks, the Sam Levy Homes with Lischey and Settle Court, Parkway Terrace of North 6th, Inglewood, and other sections of East Nashville.

The West Side and South Side are smaller with these Nashville hoods being mostly made up of housing projects, like the UC Projects (University Courts), JC Napier, 40th N Clifton or Preston Taylor Homes, Edgehill, Vine Hill, and Jo Johnston (Henry Hale).

*Not a Nashville Gangs Map.  If anything is missing on the map or you would like to contribute email: [email protected]

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