Map of Hampton Roads Virginia Hoods

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Hampton Roads Hoods Map

The Hampton Roads, 757, or the 7 Cities, is Virginia’s biggest metro area while being home to the Norfolk hoods, Newport News hoods, Hampton, Portsmouth VA hoods, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.


The most known section of the Tidewater community is Virginia Beach, this map shows the other side of the area, the side where people like Allen Iverson or Michael Vick grew up at.

The Newport News gangs areas or hoods of the Bad Newz has a number of areas that are mostly south of highway 664 in the Downtown section.

The Newport News hood of the old Dickerson Courts and Harbor Homes (recently torn down), Ivy Ave (home to Ridley Circle, Woodsong, Lassiter Court, and Aqua Vista), Gunsmoke Ave (Roanoke Ave), 3-6 (home to Marshall Courts and the Orcutt Homes), NSP (Newsome Park), and more.

The Norfolk gangs areas or hoods of Shark City is the most known city out of all of the places in Hampton Roads.

Norfolk hoods the South Side (Berkley, Diggs Park, and Oakleaf), the housing projects (Grandy Park, Tidewater Park, Youngs Park, Curry Park, and the old Moton Park), other Norfolk hoods like Park Place, Shoop Park, Huntersville, Titus Town, Norview, and many more.

The Portsmouth VA hoods and also known as Pistol City, has many hoods like Cavalier Manor, J Dub, Lincoln Park, IB aka Ida Barbour, Swanson Projects, London Oaks, Churchland, Prentis Park, Douglas Park, Brighton, and more of the Uptown and Downtown Portsmouth VA gangs area or hoods.

In the Hampton hood, there is areas like Shell Road, Phoebus, Queen Street, Rip Rap, Lincoln Park, Lower Aberdeen, Langley Square, Pine Chapel and 76th.

The Virginia Beach ghetto has a few areas like Lake Edwards, 16th Street, Twin Canals, Green Run, and other areas of the Virginia Beach hood.

The Chesapeake hoods of the city known as CheezeTown aka Peake City, is known for Foundation Park, Crestwood, Harbour North, Pleasant Park, South Norfolk, Eva Gardens, and a few other areas.


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