Map of Indianapolis, IN Hoods

Indianapolis Hoods aka Naptown

Map that shows all of the Indianapolis hoods of the biggest city in the state of Indiana, also known as Naptown, while some of these areas might have Indianapolis gangs, this map strictly just shows all of the Naptown hoods.

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With a new generation coming around, some hoods are not the same, are new, or known as something different than they once were.  The Indianapolis gangs do not play a big of role in the streets as the old days with the Chicago affiliations.

Map shows the Naptown and Indianapolis hoods of the East Side and the West Side, with small sections on the South Side and areas of the North Side that are also on the map, with some of these areas being once affiliated to Indianapolis gangs like Gangster Disciples or Vice Lords.

The East Side Indianapolis ghetto has areas like Crosstown, Brightwood, Baltimore Projects, the Meadows, 19th & Roosevelt (Wild Life), Dime Life / 10th Street, Brookside, 16th Crew Side, Gangstaville Indianapolis, A House and Terror Dome of Arlington, Post Road and more.

The hoods of the West Side Indianapolis ghetto with sections of the map show Haughville, the Land Life, 3rd War, Hard Part and 2G of Harding Street, Flackville of 30th Street, Murderville, and more.


*Not an Indianapolis GANGS MAP. Some areas might be missing or wrong.

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