Map of Washington, DC Hoods

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Washington DC Hoods Map

The map of the streets of the Washington DC hoods and the Washington DC ghetto shows the different sections of the Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Northwest, as well as Maryland hoods of PG County (Prince George’s County, Maryland) that is right outside of the District.

The Washington DC hoods map shows the streets of today and of the past, since gentrification is moving people out of the Washington DC ghetto with some areas being been torn down.

There are not really any Washington DC gangs compared to other cities, since in the DC area people are mostly affilitiated by their neighborhood.

Southeast Washington DC Hoods

In the Highlands (Washington Highlands) there is many past and current housing projects like Valley Green (13th N Da Woodz a.k.a. Death Valley) or now the rebuilt Wheeler Creek apartments, Linda Pollin, Alley Mob of Condon Terrace, or the Highland Dwellings.

Other spots of the Highlands, which was one of the city’s most active areas even though there are no Washington DC gangs, is Stonelake, Brandywine, Whaler Place, and other sections.

The whole section of Alabama Avenue on the South Side of D.C., has the former Stanton Terrace, which was the Frederick Douglas Homes and Stanton Dwellings until it was redeveloped into the Henson Ridge apartments.

The 1-5 Millionaires around 15th N Congress Pl., Congress Park, the Parkland apartments and the Smokeworld, the Deuce Deuce for 22nd Street apartments in Shipley, the Bloody 5th for 25th Street of Shipley Park, along with other blocks like Trenton Park around Mississippi and 6th or the whole 3rd World aka Congress Heights.

The legendary Martin Luther King Avenue has blocks and apartments througout its area, like Malcolm X or Park Chester, but none are bigger the infamous Barry Farms.

Nearby is the Anacostia community, with parts like Butler Gardens, 1400 Cedar Gardens, Pitts Place Mob, Cashville / Morris Road, Choppa City and Good Hope Road, the old Sheridan Terrace projects that were torn down in the late 1990s, Wellington Park, Washington View and Stanton Oaks.

One of Washington D.C.’s biggest street is Benning Road, and on the South Side there is Marshall Heights and the old Eastgate Garden Projects, the old 58th Street Projects, Benning Woodz, Benning Terrace known to everybody as Simple City.

Also in the Southeast is the MAC (MInnesota Avenue), 37th Street (Fort Dupont Dwellings and Stoddert Terrace Projects), Lench Mob (Woodland Terrace/Langston Lane), and more.

Northeast Washington DC Hoods

The section of D.C. that has some of the most historic communities is the Northeast, from Deanwood to Benning Road, with the Carver-Langston and Rosedale-Kingman Park areas, along with other neighborhoods.

The other legendary communities of the Northeast are KWA (Kenilworth), Clay Terrace, the late Parkside Additions, Carver Terrace, once known as Little Vietnam, Langston Terrace, blocks in the Rosedale area like E Street and D Street, Trinidad, Ivy City, Brentwood and Saratoga, Edgewood, and more.

Northwest Washington DC Hoods

Known for the once thriving black community of Shaw, the Northwest section has been the most gentrified area of Washington DC.

Bounded by North Capitol Street, the Northwest is home to notorious hoods like Hanover Place, Sursum Corda, the blocks around First Street, LeDroit Park, Kennedy Park, CTU or Clifton Terrace around 14 and Clifton, 640 Park Morton, and more.

Southwest Washington DC Hoods

The smaller of the sides in Washington D.C. has been going through changes, as the Southwest Washington DC ghetto has been rebuilt through gentrification.

Formerly the area of the Cappers, The old Arthur Capper and Carrollsburg projects were rebuilt in the 2000s, while other hoods are still around like James Creek, 1st Street and Syphax Gardens, 3 N K, and a couple of other blocks.

Maryland Hoods of Prince George County

With gentrification in the Washington DC ghetto many people have been moving more and more into the South Side and in Maryland, outside of the District.

Prince George County includes BWC (Birwood), Landover (NFL – Niggas From Landover), Kentland, Glenarden, Seat Pleasant, Fairmount Heights, District Heights, Capitol Heights, Forest Creek, and more.

*Leave a comment, if something is missing or wrong.  NOT A WASHINGTON DC GANGS MAP

Check out more on the communities in the city of Washington DC.

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