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Greenville-Spartanburg, SC

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Greenville Hoods and Spartanburg Hoods in South Carolina

This map of the different Spartanburg – Greenville SC gangs and hoods in one of South Carolina’s largest areas after Columbia and Charleston, shows the different Greenville SC hoods and Spartanburg SC gangs.

Hoods and gangs in Greenville SC on the city’s South Side are Greenville SC hoods like PMB / Piedmont Manor, BMB / BelleMeade, Fleetwood / Fleetwood Manor, the District, 2-5 Quarter, PVC / Pleasant Valley, Redline, AMG, KP Unit, Rockvale, and more.

The Greenville SC hoods of the West Side with areas of Washignton Heights, Washington Street, Freetown, Judson, and Strerling, while the hoods of the East Side are mostly around Nichol Town and Greenline, and the hoods and gangs in Greenville SC North Side in places of City Heights, Bruton Town, and Piney Mountain.

The sections of Spartanburg SC gangs and hoods of the 5th Ward, Highland, Woodland Heights, Park Hills, Summerhill, Duncan Park, South Side, and North Side.

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