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Toledo Hoods Map

Glass City, Cash City, a Toledo gang map that shows the true streets of the Toledo hoods as presented with the different areas of Toledo ghetto and urban areas with the displaying of the city’s affiliations.

*Toledo Gang Map Key: Blue = Crips.  Red = Bloods.  Black = GDs or neutral or no affiliaton.

North Side

The North Side’s “Out Stickney” neighborhood is probably Toledo’s oldest all-black community, while long ago “Out Stickney” was a thriving successful community for the city’s black population.

Eventually, the North Side grew out of the “Out Stickney” area into surrounding neighborhoods and became known for a few main reputable areas, Out Stickney 33, the Greenbelt Place apartments, aka Cherrywoodz, Moody Manor, aka Kent Block, and Chase Block along N. Summit Street, among others.

The Greenbelt Place apartments has had multiple names, Cherrywoods and Northwoods, but since the 1970s when the housing complex was constructed there has always been a reputation of crime and poverty.

A former area of Bloods and Crips, Cherrywoodz has been known to have conflicts with other ‘hoods of Toledo, especially the Chase Block and the Kent Block of the Moody Manor area.

Moody Manor, another low-income housing complex in North Toledo, has often been highlighted for its trouble as this neighborhood sits along one of Toledo’s most reputable streets, Bancroft.

West Side

While the West Side is Toledo’s more affluent side there is a section that was once a dominant thriving European community until the 1960s and 1970s as the demographics slowly changed, mainly around Detroit Avenue.

While areas of Detroit Avenue may be considered as the South Side or North Side, this Toledo ghetto may be the roughest with ‘hoods and Toledo gangs like XBlocc or Fernwood and Lil’ Heads.

The West Side also stretches along Bancroft, until Upton Avenue where the street changes into an upper scale neighborhood, and Dorr Street as far as the Hill Ave community, an all-black working-class suburb near the University of Toledo.

South Side

The South Side has two sections, one section is located around South Avenue and Western Avenue and another section is south of Dorr Street centered around Nebraska Avenue, which is also one of the city’s oldest predominantly black areas.

The true South Side is the section around Nebraska, from the old Brand Whitlock Projects to the numerous blocks of Belmont, Tecumseh, Buckingham, Woodland, and numerous others.

The other section of the South Side, south of the Anthony Wayne Trail, has a large Hispanic presence with their own affiliations and Toledo gangs separate from other sections of the city.

East Side

The East Side was once a predominantly white middle-class community, has now changed much from previous decades as the East Side has become more of a lower income and working-class neighborhood.

Along Starr, Nevada and Navarre streets, sitting between the Maumee River and Interstate 280, is diverse communities of African-Americans, Latinos and white families with the more known areas being the housing projects.

From the Earl Block of the Weiler Homes to the T’s of Birmingham Terrace to the The Ville of Ravine Park Village, the heart of the East Side resides in city’s three housing projects, especially the most known of the Weiler Homes.

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