Map of Toledo, OH Hoods

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Toledo Hoods Map

Map shows the true streets of the Toledo hoods, with the different areas of the Glass City with the affiliations and Toledo gangs on all sides of town.


The Toledo Gang Map and Hood Map shows blocks and neighborhoods of the West Side from Nebraska to Dorr Streets to Bancroft, with blocks like Woodstocc, Belmont, Joffre, Foster, Prospect, Fernwood, Vance, LandBlocc aka Woodland, Tecumseh, Buck Street of Buckingham, or hoods like the Hill, HPG Hamilton Park, or the old Dub B projects.

The Toledo gangs and hoods of the North Side with hoods like 33 Stickney, Page, Dexter, and Bronson blocks, Moody Manor around Kent Street, the Cherrywoodz area, the Chase area, and blocks around Detroit like Maplewood, Lawrence Ave and Hollyrock / Hollywood, or the Collingwood area of the Short North.

The South Side is mostly home to Mexicans around South Ave and Western and the East Side is home to a number of races but the main East Side hoods is Earl Block in the Weller Homes, Seaman of Ravine Park Village aka the Ville, and Birmingham Terrace.


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