Top Baton Rouge Rappers

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Top Baton Rouge Rappers:

2018 Best Artist of Baton Rouge Music Scene

Baton Rouge rappers of today’s the Baton Rogue music scene has much talent in a city that has often been over looked by New Orleans.

In 2018, the Louisiana spotlight has been on the Baton Rouge music scene while the whole world listening and becoming fans of many of the current Baton Rouge rappers.

Some of the legends and Pioneers of the Baton Rogue music scene is Young Bleed, C-Loc, Max Minelli, and definitely the entire Trill Fam with Boosie and Webbie.

Below is the new generation of Baton Rogue rappers who have just recently got their name in the game, with many making a large impact in the industry from city to city. (Click their name to see more of their visuals and music)


NBA Young Boy

Maine Musik

Da Real Gee Money (RIP)

NBA OG 3Three

JayDaYoungan (Not from Baton Rogue)

Sherwood Marty


Mista Cain

Ray Vicks


Geaux Yella

Scotty Cain

Jay Lewis

Zoe Realla (RIP)


Lee Banks

Top Baton Rouge Music Channels:

Str8 Up Ent
TwoneShotThat Exclusive
David G
Thirty Visuals