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The San Diego Ghetto Story

The city right next to the Mexican border, known as Daygo, has all races of white, black, Asian and Mexicans with their own separate San Diego gangs and affiliations in the San Diego ghetto.

San Diego County of southern California has over 3 million people with the San Diego black population equaling to 5 percent, following by Asians with 11 percent, the San Diego Hispanic population with 33 percent, and the white community making up for the rest.

san diego ghetto san diego black population

The San Diego ghetto of Logan Heights community of San Diego’s Southeast side. Courtesy of noisemedia

The San Diego black population lives mostly on the Southeast side and the East Side, which began in the city’s early days as black people were forced to live in the Southeast section.

This section would later become home to neighborhoods like Skyline, Logan Heights, or Lincoln Park.


The San Diego Asian population and the city’s Pacific Islander community has been around as long as any other group, with most coming to California as workers on ships and fish boats.

The majority of the San Diego Asian population lives in the North County section of San Diego, as well around Paradise Valley Road and in Skyline on the Southeast side of the city.

With a close location to Mexico, the story of the San Diego Hispanic population starts when the city was first started, as the United States took over parts of the old Mexican territory.

The San Diego Hispanic population started around the Old Town neighborhood, which is northwest of downtown San Diego, and would later grow into other areas like Barrio Logan.

san diego ghetto san diego hispanic population latino

Courtesy of Peyri Herrera/Flickr

Today, with the city’s economy constantly growing, the gentrification of the downtown area has been expanding into the old Latino communities of Barrio Logan, Sherman Heights and black neighborhoods of Logan Heights, as well as surrounding areas.

*Map of San Diego ghetto and San Diego gangs. Not Created by

The city has a number of San Diego gangs and affiliations of all of the races, in the North County, Southeast, East Side, South Bay, and East County sections.

Since the Mexicans and whites make up the majority of the population, the San Diego area is made up of a number of different Varrio’s and biker gangs in the city.

san diego gangs san diego hispanic population

Mexican gang tag of San Diego gangs.  Courtesy of Jason Scragz/Flickr

With a close location to Los Angeles, the San Diego ghetto has taken in Blood and Crip affiliations into their own culture that can be seen on the map above.

In California, San Diego Asian gangs are just as active as anyone else in the state.

Some of the San Diego Asian gangs having ties to the Bloods and Crips, that can be seen with the San Diego Asian gangs of the Asian Boys, Oriental Crips, or the Deep Valley Bloods, and many more in San Diego County.


*Note: All information is provided through people of the community, outside sources, and research.  Some information might not be current and/or 100% accurate.

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