Top Columbia, SC Rappers


Top Columbia, SC Rappers

The capital of South Carolina, Columbia, aka Killumbia or the Metro, Columbia SC rappers have a number of legends like Lil Ru, 48 Yatti, YnGun, Servin Mike Irvin, Mr. Flip, Collard Greens, and more, some still making noise and moves throughout the country.

Speakers Knockers was one of the newer generation to gain the most notoriety until his death and top producers like Chill Go Hard who have done work with 2 Chainz, Young Dolp, and more.

There never was a official music scene in Columbia until recent, where mainstream artist out of other cities would just come to the city to do a show and collect their money and leave.

With Columbia not being a big city and having a lot of talent its harder to get the right attention, so below is a list of a few, not all, of the new generation of up and coming artist who are making a name for themselves.


Blacc Zacc – Twitter: @BlaccZaccDME  Facebook:  Blacc Zacc DME  YouTube: “Blacc Zacc”  Soundcloud:  Blacc Zacc

Renni Rucci – Instagram: @RenniRucci / Twitter: @RenniRucci

Lil Gutta aka GuttaWitDaSack

Riverside Gunna:  YouTube: “RiversideGunna”  Twitter: @RiversideGunna  Soundcloud: “Riverside Gunna”


Kuzco Da Foo

Yung Neek

Lele Bad Bad – Instagram: @LeleBadBad

Reezie Roc

Freddy P

Check out other Columbia SC rappers and the following YouTube channels.

IShootVideos / SavaniProductions / Noble Tribe SC / YPC Nae