Peoria, IL

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The Other Peoria Neighborhoods:

Inside Look into the Peoria Ghetto

Located in central Illinois and about 2 hours away from both Chicago and St. Louis, Peoria is more than just the birthplace of the great Richard Pryor or the home of Bradley University.

Population: Over 110,000
Peoria Black Population: 27%
Crime Rate: 420 / 280 (US Average)
Average Income: $28,000
Poverty Rate: 22%

The small city of Peoria Illinois is divided into four sides, the South Side, West Bluff, East Bluff, and the North End as the streets of Peoria from Wisconsin Avenue to S. Griswold Street is no different than any other city.

peoria illinois ghetto

The South Side is the largest side and is the first community where African-Americans resided at with the original black community sitting between S. MacArthur Hwy and N. William Kumpf Blvd.

Today, the city’s original black community of Peoria has been replaced by apartment complexes and commercial properties.


As more and more African-Americans moved from southern states into central Illinois, the black community grew into areas like the Taft Homes of the North End and later into the East Bluff community by the 1970s and 80s.

peoria illinois ghetto

During the 2000s, in the area of Sheridan Road and McClure Avenue, the West Bluff community started to become a predominantly black Peoria neighborhoods, while the East Bluff community went from a middle class Peoria neighborhoods to a mixture of low-income and working class families.

Below is a video that shows the true Peoira neighborhoods and never before seen look inside the Peoria IL hood and Peoria ghetto.


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