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northwest washington dc gentrification

NorthWest Washington DC

One of the city’s first all-black neighborhoods was in the section of Northwest Washington DC, which has often been known as the Uptown section.

Many blacks began living in small communities known as the Alley Dwellings, but the neighborhood of Shaw was the largest and most historic community of NorthWestWashington DC.

northwest washington dc gentrification

The Shaw community was at one time the center of all black culture in Washington DC, as the area was a successful community during the late 1800s and the early 1900s with a number of all-black public places and institutions and businesses.

One of the city’s most famous and historic districts was the U Street area, located around the Shaw community from NW 9th Street to NW 18th Street and known for being home to entertainment and a large number of businesses.

Other historic communities of Northwest Washington DC were neighborhoods like Columbia Heights, LeDroit Park, the location of Howard University, and a few others.


After the Martin Luther King assassination in the late 1960s, the neighborhood changed from being a thriving business and culture district to public officials naming the community as one of the most crime infested areas in the city.

northwest washington dc gentrification

640 Park Morton

When the streets became active, beginning mostly in the late 1980s,  Northwest Washington DC or the Uptown area was well known for the legendary Hanover Place, the nearby Sursum Corda and now demolished Temple Court, as well a number of blocks off of First Street or in the Shaw neighborhood.

Other parts of the Northwest are apartment complexes like 640 Park Morton, Kennedy Park (KDP), the old CTU (Clifton Terrace), or blocks as far north as Kennedy Street (KDY).

Since the days before the 2000s, the Northwest Washington DC neighborhoods have been the city’s most sought after communities by developers and real estate companies, especially during the days of the massive amounts of Washington DC gentrification.

northwest washington dc gentrification

Beginning in places like Columbia Heights or Adams Morgan, Washington DC gentrification has been claiming much of the neighborhood, from the once famous U Street to neighborhoods along Georgia Ave.

These once predominantly black communities, that had once thrived and declined around the 1960s and 1970s, are becoming filled with luxury homes and businesses with real estate companies buying properties throughout the area.

Washington DC gentrification is leading to evictions or the force of relocating of long time residents into communities of the South Side (Southeast DC) or in Maryland due to the increasing property values.


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