Jacksonville Rappers: The Top Duval County Rappers


Jacksonville Rappers: The Top Duval County Rappers

Jacksonville, one of the states largest cities while being located in North Florida, Jacksonville rappers of Duval County have their own unique a street sound.

Duval County rappers, which have pioneers like Mob Boss and Hustle House, have been putting on for Florida and the south.

Below is number of artist that is the next up and coming Jacksonville rappers or that have been well known in the game among other Duval County rappers for years.

All artist show all aspects of life growing up in Jacksonville, not just as a Duval County rapper, but as someone from the community.

From Tokyo Jetz to MobSquad Nard, Jacksonville rappers have an unlimited amount of talent.


Tokyo Jetz

Rich Broke “Traumatize”, check out more from Rich Broke

King Of Duval, KOD, music video of “My Struggle”. Check out other visuals from King of Duval at YouTube: TRULIFE904 and follow @KODKingofDubal

Balize, check out a number of other visuals from Balize at YouTube: MPMVision  or follow on Twitter  @BalizeOnline

Foolio, check out more music and videos of Foolio at Youtube: Soulja Life Kampaign


HD aka HDTV aka HDKeepRollin, one of the West Side of Jacksonville Rappers. More videos and music from HDTV.

MobSquad Nard music of “Project/Squad”, one of the up and coming Jacksonville Rappers check out more @MobSquadNard/ YouTube.com/MobSqaudNard

Baby Soulja is becoming one of the biggest artist in Florida and Jacksonville rappers. Check out more of his visuals at YouTube: Baby Soulja

Trap Beckham, a Def Jam recording artist. Check out more videos at Youtube: TrapBeckhamVevo.

Also check Two Tone at @TwoTone904 and Ricky Ruger with his hit single Running Up Da Bandz where you can get a copy on iTunes and follow on Twitter @RickyRuger904