TRS Documentary: Chicago Gangs Documentary

chicago gangs documentary

Chicago Gangs Documentary

This short Chicago gangs documentary breakdowns the urban communities and short history of the neighborhoods and Chicago gangs of the West Side, South Side, and East Side.

This Chicago gangs documentary shows how Chicago gangs started out as being for protection from rival races and neighborhoods to becoming more of a business.

While the documentary expresses the past and present of Chicago gangs it also explains the transition of the black and Latino communities has been occurring over the years.

The story of the streets of Chicago begins with people coming from cities in states like Mississippi, as most blacks mostly lived in the Low Ends, until urban renewal helped relocate people into the South and West sides of the city.

The gang culture, which started out as small neighborhood groups, at times was used for protection as people were moving into communities that was unwelcome to the African-American and Latino population.

The culture changed over the years, to becoming more of a business, and unfortunately leading to many negative problems within the community.

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