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Short Providence, Rhode Island Ghetto Story

One of the smallest states in the country and located in the New England region, the Rhode Island ghetto and urban communities is mainly based in the two cities of Providence and Pawtucket.

rhode island ghetto providence

With over one million people living in the state of Rhode Island, 8% of the population is in the African-American community and 15% belongs to the states Latino population.

Rhode Island’s African-American community has been in the state since the early arrival of slaves, as New England is one of the oldest regions in the United States.

Old and historic communities like Hard Scrabble or Snow Town served as some of Rhode Island’s first black communities, located in the state of Providence.

Sadly, like many other African-American communities in the United States of the 1800s and early 1900s, Providence’s black community was the site of one of New England’s largest race riot.

rhode island ghetto providence

Rhode Island’s Latino community, which is made up of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Dominicans, is one of the most diverse Hispanic populations in the country.

The majority of Rhode Island’s Latino community came from New York City beginning in the 1970s, but the first arrival of Latinos was during the World Wars, mostly due to the employment opportunities that were offered.

rhode island ghetto providence

Neighborhoods like Federal Hill that is centered around Atwells Avenue or the South Side along Broad Street are some of Rhode Island’s prominent Latino communities.

Today, Rhode Island has communities like sections in Pawtucket and neighborhoods in Providence like the West End, South Side, also known as Clown Town, the Mount Hope section of the East Side, Smith Hill, Olneyville or the Manton Heights, Chad Brown, and Hartford Park projects.


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