Milwaukee Rappers

milwaukee rappers

The Top Milwaukee Rappers

Check out a number of underground and up and coming female and other Milwaukee rappers that represent the Mil Town.

Milwaukee rappers like IshDARR, Wave Chapelle, and a number of others who representing the new era of Milwaukee after the days where artist like Coo Coo Cal blew up with the hit single “My Projects”.

IshDARR, “Locals”, YouTube/IshDARR, SoundCloud/IshDARR, @IshDARR  , IG: IshDARR

FrenxhVanilla “How Bout That”, check out more from @Frenxhvanilla or @frenxhvanilla

Cap Drive Montana “Life On The Run” , follow @capdrive_montana or @StateVsMontana


Wave Chapelle “Big Talk”, @realwavechapelle, @wavechapelle, SoundCloud/WaveChapelle 

Destinee Lynn “Freestyle”, YouTube/DestineeLynn, IG: DestineeLynn_FGM, @DestineeLynnFGM

Matti Baybee “Money Quick”, YouTube/MattiBaybee, @MattiBaybee

WondaBread Rie “Jamal” IG: WondaBread Rie

Lil Tre “Pain”

Lil Chicken “Goin Crazy”

Check out more artist and videos at  or YouTube/TeeGlazedItMilwaukee