Milwaukee Rappers: Top Mil-Town Artist


The Top Milwaukee Rappers

Check out a number of underground and up and coming female and other Milwaukee rappers that represent the Mil Town.

Milwaukee rappers like IshDARR, Wave Chapelle, and a number of others who representing the new era of Milwaukee after the days where artist like Coo Coo Cal blew up with the hit single “My Projects”.

The list of Milwaukee rappers might not be complete, but below is an example of the amount of talent this Midwest city has to offer.


IshDARR, “Locals”, YouTube/IshDARR, SoundCloud/IshDARR, @IshDARR  , IG: IshDARR

FrenxhVanilla “How Bout That”, check out more from FrenxhVanilla Twitter: @Frenxhvanilla or IG: @frenxhvanilla

Cap Drive Montana “Life On The Run” , follow @capdrive_montana or @StateVsMontana


Wave Chapelle “Big Talk”, @realwavechapelle, @wavechapelle, SoundCloud/WaveChapelle 

Destinee Lynn, one of the top female artist in Milwaukee check her out on IG: @DestineeLynn_FGM or YouTube: Destinee Lynn

WondaBread Rie “Jamal” IG: WondaBread Rie

Lil Tre “Pain”, watch more visuals at YouTube: “Lil Tre” and purchase his music on iTunes, Google Play, etc.

Lil Chicken “Goin Crazy”, watch more videos at YouTube: “Lil Chicken”

Check out more artist and videos at  or YouTube/TeeGlazedItMilwaukee