Tallahassee, FL


The Short Tallahassee Ghetto Story

The Tallahassee ghetto, in the capital city of Florida that is located in the northern section of the state, has its streets and communities mostly on the South Side of town with exception to a few areas.

A short and brief story about the history of the urban community of Tallahassee in one of Florida’s oldest regions can be seen in the original black community of Frenchtown located off of Old Bainbridge Road.

The community of Frenchtown is mainly the only neighborhood in the actual city of Tallahassee that is on the North Side, other than 1010 Basin Street and 1700 Joe Louis which are in the area.

Tallahassee ghetto

1010 Basin St.

The neighborhood of Frenchtown was originally for French immigrants, which gave the community its name, but as things did not work out many black families moved into the area during the late 1800s.*

Other historic areas and communities are the legendary HBCU of Florida A&M on the South Side and near the once historic black community of Smokey Hollow, that was destroyed by the expansion of Highway 20.*

Before the days of segregation was coming to an end, the black population was the largest in the area, mostly due to the large amount slaves that were once enslaved in Florida’s Leon County.*

Today the community of Tallahassee has close to 200,000 people living in the city’s limits while only 35% make up for the Tallahassee black population.

tallahassee ghetto

Most of the communities are on the South Side with areas like South City, Ridge Road, Holton Street, or Roberts Avenue while the North Side is mostly the Frenchtown area with 4th Ave, 1010 N. Macomb, 1010 Basin, and 1700 Joe Louis.


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Note: All information is provided through people of the community, outside sources, and research. Some information might not be current and/or 100% accurate.

*McCarthy, Kevin “African American Sites in Florida”. Sarasota, FL. Pineapple Press Inc. 2007.