Cincinnati Rappers: The Top Cincy Rappers


Cincinnati Rappers

Check out the top Cincinnati rappers of a large city in Ohio that is soon to be the next in line for national rap scene.

The Cincinnati hip-hop scene has not yet made a major impact in the industry as other cities, other than the old Cincinnati Hip-Hop artist of Hi-Tek.

One of Ohio’s and the Midwest largest city, Cincinnati rappers have much talent with many on the rise and up and coming not just in Cincinnati but also in the industry.



Young Butta

Mz Hunny Lee


Sylver Karatz


Prince Bopp

Cook LaFlare

TaeStar Blokka

Yung Double

Check out more Cincinnati rappers through these YouTube Channels:
Eye Trapp Channel:
FatKid Films:
Band Boyz / Cincinnati Riots (Top Cincy HipHop artist) :

  • Chestah Theshit

    TOP HOW??? I’m in the city and in the game and only heard of the Top 2 … thats it…… what make s them top?