Rell Rock (Camden, NJ)

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Rell Rock (Camden Rappers)

One of Camden rappers, Sherrall Lovett A.K.A Rell Rock, began rapping at the age of 11 and dropped her first major distributed album at the age of 14 becoming one of the youngest rappers to release music independently on her own label Zock Rock Records.

Througout the Tri-State area, this Camden rappers Rell Rock has created a reputation of being one of the most prolific and well-respected female Hip Hop artists to bless the mic. Years after her debut release, Rell Rock has consistently found ways to reinvent herself musically, while expanding her resume and gaining new fans.


In October 2012, Rell Rock released her critically acclaimed sophomore indie release “Love And Hip Hop” that featured the hit singles “Superstar” and “2-Step”. Rell Rock’s critically acclaimed 3rd project “Black Diamond VVS Edition was just released December of 2014 featuring the smash radio single Black Excellence and Survive featuring Saigon. Rell Rock is also prepping her 4th indie release American Hustle summer of 2015.

Rell Rock is here to give balance in the world of Hip Hop music keeping the true elements of lyrics, story-telling, entertaining, but also provide positive inspiration and information to her community.

She writes her own music and is not afraid to set herself apart from the ‘norm’ expected in Hip Hop especially for women. Through her music, Rell Rock will prove emphatically that she has the ability to take clever words and translate them into powerful songs. Creating a blueprint for the new era of female rappers and hip hop in general.

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