Map: Little Rock, AR


Little Rock Hoods

(with some of the old Little Rock Gangs)

Map of the real streets of the Little Rock hoods and shows some of the old areas of the Little Rock gangs back in the 80s and 90s and some still today in the 00s.

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The largest city in Arkansas, the Little Rock gangs started in the late 1980s and early 1990s, in the Little Rock hoods of the East End, South End, and West Side, with other sections throughout the city like the East Side’s 2ucc Town aka College Station Crips or the old GMP (Granite Mountain Projects).

Allegedly a man by the name of LA Moe help started the Little Rock gangs back in the day, which spread through all sides of town.  By the 2000s, the city of Little Rock gangs played out in the streets and were not around like they were in the late 80s and 90s.

Today, the Little Rock hoods are mostly John Barrow aka Lime Hood of the West Side.  The West End, which was home to the old Highland Courts aka Highland Park, Oak Street, Valentine Street, and Monroe Street.

The Southwest from 65th to Chicot to Geyer Springs that had Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples, the South End home to Wolfe Street and the Projects.

Finally, the East End which has had a lot of hoods torn down like the Brick Jungle, Folsom, and part of Hillside.  Other hoods of the East End is Hanger Hill, Cheatham Park, Garden Homes, and Fourche Dam.

Outside of the city of Little Rock, which had a large Blood or Piru affiliation, was North Little Rock.  North Little Rock had a large Folk Nation of Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples affiliation, along with some Crip areas.

North Little Rock hoods of DTA and UPT in areas of Rose City, Meadow Park, Off Pike, Washington Ave, Dixie, MacSide (McAlmont, AR), Levy, Maple and Magnolia streets, along with projects of SCC Silver City Courts, Windmere, Eastgate, Shorter Gardens, and Hemlock Courts.


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*Some areas might be wrong or missing