B.D.I (Gary, Indiana)


B.D.I (Bout Dat Issue) \ Gary Indiana Rappers

Check out Gary Indiana Rappers, B.D.I (Bout Dat Issue), from the West Side of the city off of 5th Avenue, representing the real hoods of the city that was once the home to Michael Jackson and has long been known for its streets of the Chicagoland city.

Above is an live interview in the neighborhood with the Gary rappers of Indiana talking about their goals, their hustle, and how they going to take over.  Make sure to watch their video “Problems” and listen to their classic mixtape of YNWA (Yung Niggaz Wit Attitude).

The next thing out of Gary Indiana, make sure to check out real music of the G.I. and to search for Bout Dat Issue on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.