Las Vegas, NV


The Las Vegas Ghetto Story

The city known as Sin City has communities like Burgundy Square, Valley View, Donna Blocc, Gerson, and many more in the Las Vegas ghetto of the West Side and North Town sections, that are just around the corner from the Las Vegas Strip.

With almost around 2 million people in Las Vegas’ Clark County and blacks making 12% of the total population, many do not know the story of the Las Vegas ghetto or the city’s black community in the small section of West Las Vegas, which has been around for generations.

las vegas ghetto

According to some people, the community was first in nearby Henderson, Nevada and around Stewart Avenue, but would later move to the Berkley Square neighborhood of West Las Vegas, with most of the houses being built in the 1950s, while some would say different.

Just like most of the other cities in the country, Las Vegas’ black community was segregated and discriminated from having similar rights that other areas of the city had received.

With blacks only being allowed in certain areas, the West Side community became a thriving part of town for African-Americans.


The area became so big with entertainment and businesses, that white tourist and customers would travel to the West Side to experience the nightlife and other activities of West Las Vegas, especially with the help of the legendary Moulin Rouge casino, which played a major role of the city’s black history story.

The area was needed, in the beginning, as many black entertainers were booked to perform in the Las Vegas casino’s, but most were not allowed to stay in the hotels.

This would help the West Las Vegas neighborhood to become popular, with Jackson street being the heart and center of the community.

las vegas ghetto

Years later, blacks were finally able to move around outside of the West Las Vegas community, which some would say helped the overall decline of the West Side area.

Outside of that section, other neighborhoods came about like the different blocks and housing and apartment complexes of North Town in North Las Vegas . Today most of the West Las Vegas neighborhood is still around.


*Note: All information is provided through people of the community, outside sources, and research. Some information might not be current and/or 100% accurate.


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  • Deon

    Las Vegas Hoods and gangs

    West Side
    Neighborhood: Valley View
    Gang: Valley View Gangster Crips/ VVGC

    W/S Neighborhood: Vegas Heights
    Gang: 50’s Crips
    The youngster go by the W.O.O.D. and wear brown.

    W/S Neighborhood: Crip City
    Gang: Rolling 60’s Crips

    W/S Neighborhood: Berkley Square
    Gang: Lench Mob Gangster Crip

    W/S Neighborhood: Delmonico
    Gang: Delmonico Gangster Crip

    W/S Neighborhood: Berkley Square (Burgundy Square)
    Gang: Berkley Square Piru/ BSP

    W/S Neighborhood: Shermen Garden Projects (The Jetz)
    Gang: Playboy Bloods

    W/S Neighborhood: Madison Terrace Projects (Torn Down)
    Gang: West Side Piru

    W/S Neighborhood: Marble Manor Projects (The Coast)
    Gang: West Coast Bloods

    W/S Neighborhood: Herbert Gerson Projects
    Gang: Gerson Park Kingsmen/ GPK
    Projects torn down

    W/S Neighborhood: 40 Block
    Gang: 40’s/40 Boyz/ 40 Block

    W/S Neighborhood: Windsor Park (Winslow Park)
    Gang: Hillside Gangsters

    North Town

    N/T Neighborhood: Donna St.
    Gang: Donna St. / Donna Blocc Crip/ DSC

    N/T Neighborhood: White St.
    Gang: White St Mob Crip

    N/T Neighborhood: Rose Gardens Projects
    Gang: North Town Gangster Crips/ NTG

    N/T Neighborhood: Regal Estates (The States)
    Gang: North Town Gangster Crips/ NTG/ State Boyz
    Originally called the State Boyz

    N/T Neighborhood: Rose Garden Projects
    Gang: North Town Rolling 60’s Crips

    N/T Neighborhood: Diana St.
    Gang: Diana St. Villians/ DSV

    N/T Neighborhood: A-Town
    Gang: Anybody Murderers/ ABM

    N/T Neighborhood: The Hood
    Gang: Hood Bloods/ Hoodsmen Gangster Bloods
    East Side
    E/S Neighborhood: 28th St. Projects
    Gang: 28th St. The first Mexican gang.

    • Geez Up

      No Brownie Boy Gangstas?
      East Side Gangsta Crips?
      Hard Time Hustlas?
      San Chucos?
      White Fence?
      One of them 60s sets bang 111 and the other 337

  • Deon

    I’m born and raised in Las Vegas and never ever did blacks settle in Henderson or
    Stewart Ave when they migrated from the south. The West Side was the only place
    the settled in because they weren’t allowed any place else. As time went on
    then blacks began to move to North Las Vegas (NorthTown) which is only about 2
    miles away and a VERY small percentage moved to Henderson which isn’t worth
    mentioning. It is true that the Moulin Rouge was a popping spot and brought in
    many entertainers and white people but they didn’t go to other places on the
    West Side other than that.