Pluto Dash (South Carolina)


Pluto Dash (South Carolina Rappers)

A native of Walterboro, SC, grew up with a zeal for true music styles and the art of writing. Having major industry music ties within his family only strengthened his resolve to make music the biggest part of his life, and to provide his future audiences with the realest and most relatable music possible. At the young age of 15, Pluto Dash made a commitment to excel in one of the most world renowned, but cutthroat industries around…a quality not found in most for such an endeavor.

Now, at age 23, Pluto Dash is no longer in “awe” of the power of music. He commands it…etching his name track by track into music history. Scorching the SC music scene with singles like “My Own” and “Ahh Yeah”, Pluto Dash will not let anything or anyone stand in the way of achieving music greatness in this industry. Previous project releases – The Freshman (2007), Tha Pluto Dash Project (2010), and Rasta Gari Blue (2014) – attest to the lyrical and raw rap capabilities of Pluto Dash, show positive and progressive growth, and establish the personal and music maturity required to become a great name in the game.

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