Central Florida (Brevard County)


The Brevard County Ghetto Story

The Brevard County ghetto of Central Florida’s Space Coast, has a few small communities in the cities of Titusville, Mims, Cocoa, and Melbourne, where the majority of the Brevard County ghetto and urban communities are located at.

brevard county ghetto

A county that has over 80,000 people living below the poverty line, in areas around Deleon in Titusville, east of Clearlake Road in Cocoa, and University Boulevard of Melbourne, is not as advance or has many attractions like Dade (Miami) or Orange (Orlando) counties.

While only making up 10% of the 500,000 people that live in Brevard, the small black communities of the Brevard County ghetto has been around for some time now.


Mims, which is the city that is the farthest north, has one of biggest reputations in the region. With the heart of this Titusville ghetto neighborhood being in East Mims, around Harry T Moore Avenue, the Mims community has been around for generations.

brevard county ghetto

Harry T Moore Avenue, which is the main thoroughfare of East Mims, was named after the famous Florida activist from the Moore family. Together with his wife, the Moore’s were some of the first people to fight for the civil rights of African-Americans in the state of Florida.*

Titusville, also known as Lil’ City or the Ville, is located in North Brevard County, with most of the Titusville ghetto being around Deleon Avenue, known to some as Uptown.

titusville fl ghetto

African-Americans originally lived in Merritt Island, but by the 1960s with the expansion of the government’s NASA program, the city of Titusville grew with the help of the construction of the Space Station, nicknaming the area Space Coast.*


Since the space station was nearby, the Titusville area had many job opportunities for many people, which helped the black community to slowly get established.

melbourne fl ghetto

The Cocoa Florida ghetto of the city nicknamed Chocolate City is the most known area of Brevard County, being placed in the middle of the county.

Around Fiske Boulevard, the Cocoa Florida ghetto is the most active community in Brevard County, even when some of the blocks have been demolished and torn down.

Today’s Stone Street was once named Magnolia Street and was the once center of Brevard’s black culture and business district, a community that was started as blacks came into the area to work on the railroads or as servants for the wealthy, with Hughlett Avenue being one of Brevard’s first black communities.*

cocoa fl ghetto

The South Side of the Melbourne Florida ghetto has sections like Cold Side and Booker Heights, while originally being started around Lipscomb Street going towards Brothers Park.

This area started out as a very small community, originally being founded by a couple of freed slaves that would later grow and expand from Line Street to Florida Avenue.*


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Note: All information is provided through people of the community, outside sources, and research.  Some information might not be current and/or 100% accurate.

*Brevard County History Source: McCarthy, Kevin. “African American Sites in Florida”. Pineapple Press Inc. Sarasota. 2007.