Map: Portland, OR


Portland Gangs Map

A unknown city to most people, Portland, Oregon has, for many generations, had many connections and ties to many Los Angeles affiliations.

These two maps, created by an unknown source, show how active the streets of the Portland gangs with the number of black and Mexican gangs throughout the city.

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On the South Side or the Southeast section of Portland the Portland ghetto and hoods of Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats, as well other black and Mexican affiliations.

On the North Side, mainly around Martin Luther King Boulevard the Portland gangs of the Bloods and Crips that have been around since the 1980s according to the map.

Portland gangs Crips, 74 Hoover Criminals, Pirus, and more. Further down N. Lombard street is the areas of Porsmouth with 18th Street and the Columbia Villa projects. Also there is a small area around Culley Boulevard.

On Portland’s East Side and around the small city of Gresham there is a mix of black and Hispanic gangs of the Bloods like Main Street or Lincoln Park or Surenos and other Mexican gangs that are linked to the Mexican Mafia (13), like Mi Vida Loca 13 or Paso Robles Boys 13.


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