Map: Phoenix Gangs Map


Phoenix Gangs Map and Phoenix Hoods Map

Phoenix gangs map and map of some of the Mexican and black Phoenix hoods in the city of Phoenix and other nearby cities of one of the largest places in the country. A large city with ties to California and Mexico is one of the least talked about cities compared to the places.

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Phoenix Gangs Map and Hoods of the North Side with Sun Town, Tre 5th, Maryvale Park, and Sunny Slope.

Phoenix gangs and hoods on the West Side are Wedgewood Chicanos, Happy Homes, WetBack Power Double Gang, WS City, Coffelt Jets, Los Crazy Mexicans, Brown Town, Maryvale, Cashion Park in Avondale, and more.

On the South Side, Phoenix hoods of 40st, Broadway Gangsters, Mini Park, Hemosa Park, Park South, Chula Vista, the Vistas, Hilltop 1600 Bllocc, Hayden Park, LULAC Projects, Lindo Park, Southern Meadows, and more.

The East Side with Phoenix gangs and hoods of WetBack Power, 32st, Luke Khron Duppa Villa (ESDVP), Golden Gate x8, Eastlake Park, Garfield, Verde Park 9st, East Side Los Cuatro Milpas (LCM), Brown Pride, PVL, and more


This map does not have all of the Phoenix area neighborhoods and affiliations.  If an area was left out, leave a comment.

  • Elizabeth Guerrero

    VMH northside 8st Avondale projects

  • Bryan Armendariz

    Which gang doesn’t beef with Surenos?

  • King G

    WS 6700 Bloods, 67th and Glendale. WS Grandel 63 (G Town), 63rd Ave and Glendale. WS 55 Piru, Maryvale (55th Ave and Indian School). WS 69th Bloods (69th Ave and Buckeye). Westside City 10th Ave Boothill Crip (10th to 16th Ave and Buckeye Road). WS Maryvale Gangsta Crip (67th Ave and Thomas Road).

  • Percs&OJ

    Bic 48 th ave
    Wedge wood 59th
    WsV 79th
    Bo2s 67th

    • Jama Xusen

      Yo Percs where the hoes at fam?

  • Bt


  • Bt

    On the top left

  • Bt

    U only cover half tha river walk villages on tha west… cover the rest of tha hood an ull be on point