Map: Oklahoma City


Map of OKC, Oklahoma Gangs and Hoods

Oklahoma gangs have been in the state since the 80s and 90s, and has a huge influence on the culture of Oklahoma City.  This Oklahoma City gangs map and hood map shows the different affiliations in each black community of Oklahoma City.

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Different neighborhoods became blood sets, like North Highland, Wildewood, and areas outside Oklahoma City like Murder One of Midwest City, the South Side in Del City off of SW 44th known as 8 Ball and Sunnyside in the Oak Cliff and Hartsdale areas.

The crips like Neighorhood (NHC) and Hoover, or Rollin 90s and Rollin 60s were in areas like Park Estates, Prince Hall, and the Panic Zone of Midwest City and Dunjee (Dungee) in Spencer.

Other neighborhoods that are not known for Oklahoma City gangs, are 122nd n Penn an area of apartments and the Camelot subdivision, Lyrewood on the Northwest Side, apartments off of Rockwell from Britton Courts to the West Side (from 23rd to Melrose Ln), and East Side communities of Creston Hills, Garden Days, and Garden Oaks.

Oklahoma Gangs are mostly California affiliated, with the communities being mostly on the East Side, parts of the North Side, and in the Southeast Side, outside of the Mexican section of OKC that is mostly on the SouthWest Side.


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  • drnkmkr

    where is the breakdown of Latino and Asian gangs….the Hispanic gangs are infiltrating throughout ALL areas of OKC and, in my opinion, pose greatest threat for violence, turf wars ( as they attempt to establish dominance in communities/areas where previously they seemed to have little interest in. Hispanic gangs seem to have much greater propensity for randam ( as well as targeted) violence and the level of violence shown serms to start at much higher degree. While there appears to be far less movement taking place within Asian gangs for permanent relication purposes, they aremuch bolder about going into other areas to gain control or to simply show their level of committment and instill fear in rival gangs Aaian gangs are apparently the most violent by far. This article mentions 122nd and N Pennsylvania , Camelot, and states they “are not known for OKC gsngs” which could not be farther fron the truth than saying Santa and the Easter Bunny ard alive and well and live in this area of our beautiful city! I am a residrnt of the largest apt complex off 122nd and Penn and observe DAILY gang related speech, hand signs, dress, weapons, and fights/near fights between rival members as well as those who sometimes :jump in’ new recruits. As I type this right now, I am laying on the floor on side of my bed that doesn’t face outside walls. I do this because a short time ago several young men camehome from a night out drinking. Four or five ran the stairs loudly and quickly up to the apt tbey often hangvout at (some live there…the traffic at this unit is too much to keep up with and qw gave no clue who’s in the lease ir not.Anyway, I could very clearly hwar them mention getting their weapons ( numerous pistols and automattic rifles werementiobed and then appeared!) Apparenrly the members of crip affiliated gang were goin after some bloods. At 2 am….again…( happens pretty regularly) so….I am wide awake hiding on my floor windering WHY???? We were thoroughly screened porior to moving in but now ANYONE CAN get in. Sux bad and we do not have resources to break leaas. For everyone elssconsidering a mive tk THE HIGHLANDS .. please re-considefand RUN FOR YOYR LIVES_!!

    • Bryce Chandler


    • warvet

      when i lived there, the north side was a more affluent area to live in and i lived in south and north OKC, the problem is the fkn border but thats bein tended to now but its to late as far as river swimmers, once trump does what should have been done 30 yrs ago then they need to start weeding out the gangs and passing huge sentences and kickin the fkn welfare dwellers off the system.