Map: Charlotte, NC


Map of Charlotte Hoods

Map of the Charlotte hoods in the state of North Carolina’s largest city that shows the many sections of the city where some of the Charlotte gangs can be seen on the city’s North, West, East, and South sides.

The Charlotte hoods map shows some of the old communities, that have been rebuilt or torn down, with some Charlotte gangs affiliations, but mostly just the Charlotte hoods and not really anything on Charlotte gangs.


Map shows Hidden Valley and Cedar Green, the Charlotte hoods of Tuckaseegee and Beatties Ford, as well as old neighborhoods of Earle Village and Brooklyn area that were torn down, and historic communities of Grier Town and the Belmont area.

The Charlotte hoods of the city’s community broken down in sides, with the North Side being Hidden Valley, the Plaza, Dillehay Courts, Cedar Green, Milton Road, Tryon Hills, Statesville Ave with the old  Double Oaks (Demolished) and Fairview Courts aka The Fav.

The West Side Charlotte hoods around streets like Beatties Ford, Tuckaseegee, West Blvd and parts of the South Side like Wilmore, South Side Park and Brookhill.

*Some areas might be wrong or missing. This is not a Charlotte Gangs Map.

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