Map: Central Florida


Central Florida and Orlando Hood Map

While Orlando hoods, and not Orlando gangs, overlook the rest of the other Central Florida hoods, there are small pockets in the county’s of Brevard and the Space Coast, St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of the 772, Seminole County, Marion County, and Orlando’s Orange County.

Not a map that shows Orlando gangs but shows the West Orlando hoods, that has giving the city a reputation as Warlando, with areas of Parramore, Crosstown, OBT (Orange Blossom Trail), Ivey Lane, Carver Shores, Richmond Heights, Washington Shores and Lake Mann, Tangelo Park, Tampa Ave, Texas Ave, Oak Ridge, Mercy Drive, Pine Hills, Rosemont, Eatonville, South Apoka, and Winter Garden.


The Fort Pierce hood of the 772 in the Treasure Coast section of Florida, just above South Florida, is north of Orange Avenue.  Areas that some call Fort Pierce gangs or For Pierce street gangs, are just hoods like V Side / Vietnam Projects, 27th Street, 23rd Street, 13th Street, the Island around Juanita.

Also in the Treasure Coast area is G Town, Gifford or North Vero Beach with hoods like OrangeWood, the Grove, the Manor, PineView, the Dubb, and the Hills.

The area known to some to be home of  Sanford Florida gangs has been called Bokey, in the once historic black community of Sanford in Seminole County. Sanford Florida hoods are 14th St, 15th St, Compound, Georgetown, V.C., Midway, 13th St, Lincoln Heigts, Washington Oaks, G.A., G.T., Projects, SW Rd., and more.

In Brevard County or the Space Coast, for the Space Station in nearby Cape Canaveral, has small parts in a few cities. The small community of Mims of north Brevard, east of US 1, the Ville or Lil City are nicknames for Titusville, which is based around Deleon Street.

Chocolate City or the Cocoa Florida hood is Brevard’s most active area, that has blocks and even some Cocoa Florida gangs center around Fiske Boulevard, and last the small section of Melbourne, around University and Lipscomb, with areas like Cold Side and Booker Heights.

Other parts of Central Florida is DB, the Daytona Beach hood being between North and South streets along MLK Blvd.  The two main sections of the Daytona Beach hoods, are the South Side and Derbyshire or DB.

Another big city of Central Florida is Ocala. A city that started out majority black is now located mostly on the West Side. Ocala Hoods and not Ocala gangs are hoods like JonesSide / SwampSide / Carver Park / 9th Ave / TuckaHill / Brick Boys / HHP / LBC


*Some areas might be wrong or missing.  Not an Central Florida and Orlando gangs map.

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