Map: Broward County/Palm Beach Florida


Map of Broward County / West Palm Beach Hoods

Just north of Miami-Dade County is the other hoods of South Florida in Broward  County and the rough Palm Beach County, with two counties being home to blacks and people from the West Indies.

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The Broward County hoods are mostly made up of the Fort Lauderdale ghetto and hoods, with other small other areas.

In Fort Lauderdale, the different section of hoods are Melrose and their once rival of Parkway, on the other side of Broward Boulevard, the different areas around 27th Avenue, are Tater Town, Washington Park, Franklin Park, and Dillard around Sunrise Blvd. Other communities of Rock Island, Larkdale, Da Manors (Lauderdale Manors), Sistrunk, Sunland Park, Driftwood Apts., and Lauderhill hoods of the Deepside and Shallowside, and Da Lakes (Lauderdale Lakes).

Outside of the Fort Lauderdale ghetto and hoods, is the part of Dania Beach between Stirling and Old Griffin Roads, P-No or Pompano Beach, with areas like Collier City or Golden Acres, Deerfield, Hollywood’s Liberia neighborhood, Hallendale Beach, the infamous Carver Ranches that has been around since the 1940s and active since the 1970s, and Miramar, with the real Miramar hoods being east of Palm in areas like Sherman Circle, Fairway, or Sunshine.

The Palm Beach County section of South Florida, starts with D Ray (Delray Beach), B Town or the Boy (Boynton Beach), Lake Worth, San Castle, and finally West Palm Beach and the Raw (Riveria Beach). The West Palm Beach ghetto and hoods go from Chillinworth and Westgate off of Okeechobee Blvd., Downtown / Slump City, the heart of West Palm Beach, Pleasant City, and other parts the make up the notorious West Nam community.


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