Map: Baton Rouge


Map of Baton Rouge Hoods

The map of the Baton Rouge ghetto and the Baton Rouge hoods in the state of Louisiana that has been mostly known for the major city of New Orleans and its reputation, the capital city of Louisiana has had legendary Baton Rouge hoods for generations.

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Unlike most places and cities, there are not any Baton Rouge gangs with people claiming their neighborhood and not a gang like the Bloods or Crips.

This map of the Baton Rouge ghetto and communities, shows the Baton Rouge hoods of the North and South sides. Even though the media might consider people who are affiliated to the neighborhoods, to be part of Baton Rouge gangs, the city does not have any gangs.

Baton Rouge hoods like Cross Da Tracks, the Bottom, Uptown, Valley Park, and Mayfair make up the legendary South Side, home to rappers like Boosie and Kevin Gates.

The North Side, is the biggest Baton Rouge ghetto of the city, with many Baton Rouge hoods along Plank Road, like Boot Town, McDonald Land and Zion City or other sections of the city in areas of Easy Town, Glen Oaks, Banks Town, Mall City, Sherwood, and more places of East Baton Rogue Parish.


*In some places the map might wrong or missing, leave a comment.  NOT AN BATON ROUGE GANGS MAP!!!

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